Rabbi stabbed in a July anti-Semitic attack helps light Brighton menorah

BRIGHTON, Mass. — A solemn prayer was spoken as Rabbi Shlomo Noginski lit the first candle of the menorah in Brighton outside the Shaloh House Jewish Day School on the same spot where he first was attacked before being brutally stabbed in an attack on July 1.

The Rabbi spoke to Boston 25 thru a translator.

“I thank for the miracles that God gave to all Jewish people and for the miracle that happened specifically for me,” said Rabbi Noginski, who still suffers from injuries he sustained during the attack.

Hanukah celebrates the miracle of light for the Jewish people when oil for one night lasted eight nights. This community is also celebrating Rabbi Noginski’s quick thinking in leading his attacker away from the school and the students inside.

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“He diverted the attacker from the school,” said Julia Goldberg who is the director of Fundraising and Operations for the school.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu attended the menorah lighting and decried the hate crime that happened here.

“Especially to be with Rabbi Noginski, who was attacked here,” Wu said.

The rabbi’s attacker, Khaled Awad of Brighton, is now facing hate crime charges for the attack.

Also there was Bob Kraft, who, through the Kraft Foundation, supports this community.

“It hurt me to see that happen in the City of Boston, so I try to support the rabbi who has 12 beautiful children and came from Russia,” Bob Kraft said.

Rabbi Noginski says the number eight has special meaning. He says there are eight days of Hanukah and he believes his eight stab wounds are a sign from God. And so now he hopes to build a school for young men to become rabbis.

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“For me, it’s very special because the meaning of lighting the candle is our way of thanking God for the miracles he allowed to happen,” he said.