Pothole problems: Local company develops technology to make your ride smoother

BILLERICA, Mass. — Driving on Massachusetts roads can be a rough ride, especially during pothole season, but a local company is working to change that.

Inside ClearMotion Labs in Billerica, they are working to change your ride.

"The genesis of the company came about when we were driving across really nasty roads," said Founder and CEO Shakeel Avadhany.

Avadhany and one of his MIT classmates brainstormed the idea and have been tweaking it for six years.

"We wanted to figure out a way to deliver that magic carpet ride, a system that essentially erases the road under the car," he said.

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ClearMotion can make a road filled with potholes seem like it was just paved.

"Those sensors as the wheels go over bumps, those sensors are detecting those bumps and instantly push and pull the wheels," said Avadhany.

Jerry Nelson took Boston 25 News for a ride, first with ClearMotion off... then again down the same road, going the same speed, but with the system on.

"No moving around, no motion, the car is just completely level," he said.

ClearMotion also remembers where road problems are and can notify cities and towns where repairs are needed. The technology will soon be an option on new vehicles.

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