Police release sketch of suspect in 3 rapes, 2 murders

BROCKTON, Mass. — An unknown, West African man is now the prime suspect in series of violent crimes in Brockton.

Based on DNA evidence, police were able to put together a profile of what the person wanted in connection to crimes over the past few years might look like.

He is “at least a rapist, potentially a homicide suspect,” according to Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz.

The investigation began with a series of three violent rapes in late 2013 and early 2014, which mostly took place near Main Street.

“In each of these attacks, the women were brutally beaten, were brutally assaulted,” said Cruz. “DNA was obtained from these [rape investigation] kits…it all came back to one person.”

Cruz said the suspect is likely a Cape Verdean man and says people in the Cape Verdean community might know who he is.

“We’re not sure whether he’s here or not here,” Cruz noted.

On Dec. 28, 2014 the bodies of Ashley Mylett and Linda Schufelt were found near the VFW in Brockton.

Cruz said the women were not murdered at the same time, but they were likely murdered by the same person or persons.

DNA from Mylett’s body was matched to the DNA profile from the rapes.

Cruz said victims were all known to work as prostitutes, meaning the suspect likely targeted women who may not go to law enforcement to report crimes.

“We are asking the public’s assistance in identifying this individual,” Cruz said.

A lab in Virginia created the profile of the suspect from the DNA samples obtained, which allowed a sketch artist to create an image of the person they say is responsible for the crimes.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact the state’s special tip line at 508-894-2584.