Police searching for man who stole $900 puppy from Oxford kennel

OXFORD, Mass. — Police in Oxford are on the hunt for a man they say stole a puppy from the Laughlin Kennel.

Surveillance video shows the unidentified suspect talking to an employee, playing with the dog, then walking right out through the front door with it.

“I had a walk in, I let him in of course. Of course were going to take them we're not going to tell someone to go away looking for a puppy,” Kiana Kintchen, an employee at the kennel, said. “At that time we happen to have a miniature pincher. That's what I went down and grabbed for him.”

The dog weighs 25 pounds and cost $900. The suspect asked about the other miniature pincher for sale.

“It was kind of noticeable that he was asking for me to go downstairs and take a picture of the pup to see the pup. Any thing for me to go downstairs,” she said.

As she went downstairs, the man walked right out through the front door.

“The puppy is microchipped, if the puppy is take him to a vet or anything like that, they can easily scan the microchip,” Kintchen said.

The suspect is described as being 5-foot-8 with several neck and hand tattoos. At the time he was driving a beige Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.

“I'm just hoping that the puppy is OK,” Kintchen said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Oxford Police Department at (508) 987-0156.