Police: Man had dungeon for torturing children in Worcester home

WORCESTER, Mass. ( - A Massachusetts resident charged in an international investigation has pleaded guilty to solicitation of child kidnapping and charges of possession and distribution of child pornography.

Forty-year-old Geoffrey Portway, a British citizen living in Worcester, pleaded guilty Monday in federal court. He could face at least 18 years in prison under an agreement with prosecutors. Sentencing is set for August.

Portway was arrested in July after investigators allegedly found child pornography and photos of children who appeared to be dead on his computer .

Authorities also found a dungeon with torture devices in the basement of Portway's home. They allege Portway planned to rape, torture, murder, and cannibalize young children in the dungeon.

According to federal documents, the dungeon had a child-sized homemade coffin, a steel cage, as well as butchering and castration kits.

Investigators claim Portway chatted online with two men who talked about their desire to abduct, kill and eat children.

Portway is among dozens arrested in the investigation that began with the arrest of another Massachusetts man who has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Portway worked in the IT department at BJ's Headquarters in Westboro until he was arrested.

A neighbor told FOX 25 the only time he ever saw Portway was Halloween and says he gave out Ziploc bags of full-size candy bar to trick-or-treaters. Another neighbor says she sometimes heard strange, drilling sounds coming from the home late at night.