Police: Caretaker went on spending spree using elderly couple's credit cards

BILLERICA, Mass. — A woman accused of stealing credit cards from a 91-year-old man and his deceased wife was the couple's caretaker and neighbor.

Christine Wojcik had stolen the cards and made several purchases at local Market Baskets and CVS locations - and even going to Foxwoods casino - racking up nearly $5,500 in debt in a month, according to the police report.

Wojcik, who was a trusted family friend, was arraigned on theft charges on Tuesday.

"I couldn’t believe she did a thing like that," said nonagenarian Ralph Rizzo.

It's been an emotional few months for Rizzo, who lost his wife, Marie, last year. %



"That was the toughest, after 69 years," he said.

And then, while grieving, the caretaker he trusted for four years was arrested, accused of stealing their credit cards.

"She seemed like a very honest person," Rizzo said. "She was going in the bedroom, fishing around until she got the charge cards."

Rosanne Campbell, the victims’ daughter, said the theft and betrayal have taken a toll on the family.

"The past month has been horrible. I haven’t been able to sleep or anything thinking about it," Campbell said.

Campbell said she was away and her Dad was likely in his recliner in their Billerica home, out of view of what was happening in the bedroom next door. %



"We always kept that door shut. She had no reason in the world to go in that door," Campbell said.

Campbell got the bill last month.

"I opened it and I’m looking at it, and I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ she said.

Several charges were at Foxwoods casino, police said.

"What the bingo was to me, was I looked at it and I saw Foxwoods” on the same day she’s down there, Campbell said.

Wojcik was arrested and charged with larceny, receiving stolen credit cards and misleading police.

Rizzo and his daughter are trying to move on.

"I wouldn’t trust anyone again. You know what I mean? She really threw me for a loop," Campbell said.

Police reports state there's video evidence of Wojcik using the cards in multiple locations.

Attempts to reach Wojcik at her home were unsuccessful.

She is due back in court in April.