Plymouth Police investigating after organized fighting on White Horse Beach Sunday

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — It was more than horsing around at a beach in Plymouth. Police are looking into whether there was an organized fight club where hundreds of people gathered at White Horse Beach.

What shaped up to be a perfect beach day in May turned into a wild scene.

“Definitely, since this is considered a family beach, but it was a little much I would say,” said Lexi Kislauskie.

Plymouth Select Board Vice Chair Betty Cavacco got hundreds of complaints.

“Children were scared, I had parents calling. My kids are crying, they don’t know what is going on. We just can’t have it,” Cavacco said.

Plymouth Police said they got reports of some sort of organized fight happening right on the beach. In the video and photos we obtained from local residents, you can see some of the commotion.

“We just can’t have. We can’t have what happened. There was all sorts of underage drinking, smoking pot. The neighborhood was just completely engulfed with people,” said

Sam Criasia was also at the beach on Sunday.

“It just looked like there were a bunch of people just […] it looked like a fight at first, but once I got into it, I saw they were boxing,” Criasia said.

“The two kids knew each other, and they were boxing, and everyone just started screaming, so everyone went over there,” Kislauskie said.

Plymouth Police Chief Mike Botieri said no arrests were made but they are investigating to see if this is part of a bigger problem after hearing similar reports in Rhode Island.

“There is no specific law to cite, but you could say it might be a disturbance if it disturbed other people,” Chief Botieri said.

The town is planning to take the matter up at their next regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night. A new sticker parking program kicks in on White Horse on Memorial Day weekend. The locals hope that prevents big turnouts like this past Sunday.