PHOTOS: Boston-bound flight makes emergency landing after bird strike

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A Boston-bound JetBlue flight was forced to make an emergency landing after the plane hit a bird shortly after takeoff Thursday morning.

The JetBlue flight was headed to Boston from Buffalo when the terrifying incident occurred.

Passenger Jess Mursezewski spoke with Boston 25 News Anchor Daniel Miller and said she was seated behind the right wing when she felt something go wrong after takeoff.

She said one of the plane’s engines started making strange sounds and it started to lose power before starting to descend.

“I’ve been on planes before, and I noticed the engine actually, like, dropped,” Mursezewski said. “The overall plane dropped in power and dropped in acceleration."

Mursezewski said that she and her fellow passengers had a slight moment of panic during the situation.

"We kind of looked at each other and we knew this wasn't exactly normal," Mursezewski said.

The plane eventually turned back towards Buffalo after the incident, and the captain had a unique reason to give passengers on the plane.

"The Captain came on and he said, you know, we may have had a potential bird strike," Mursezewski said.

Once the plane landed and went back to the gate, crews checked the engine and determined the aircraft hit a seagull, breaking an engine blade.

According to the FAA Bird Strike Database, this is the 11th bird strike at Buffalo’s airport since 2017.

Logan Airport, a much busier airfield, has had 33 incidents.

Mursezewski said no one was injured and she is taking another flight to Boston to attend this weekend’s Boston Calling festival.

However, after the flight, Mursezewski's mother was quick to point out another famous bird-strike accident.

"'Jess, you basically had a Sully on board, you realize that?" Mursezewski recalled. "'Like he was able to get you back. You didn't even know you had a bird strike. I said, 'Yeah, I'm really lucky.' She said, 'Thank god he was able to get you safely home.'"

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