Dad says youth baseball coaches planned to intentionally pitch at daughter

DURHAM, N.H. – A local baseball league is investigating after a coach allegedly made comments about how to make a 10-year-old girl quit the team.

Daniel Klein says his daughter is the only girl in the Oyster River Youth Association baseball league, but declined to speak on camera.

However, in an email obtained by Boston 25 News, he said the alleged comments were made because of bad blood he had with the coaches over a 2015 incident.

“In order to get her off the team, [a coach] would have one of his players bean her in the 'earhole' and that would make her quit," Durham Town Manager Todd Selig said about the allegations.

The email was sent to Selig and several others. In it, Klein said if nothing is done about the alleged threats he will take his daughter off the team.

“It’s just a bad taste, It’s just something you don’t joke about in this day and age,” Selig said. “As a community, we want to encourage young boys and young girls to have a love of the game of baseball.

"We want them to all grow up and be Red Sox fans and maybe Red Sox players one day.”

League officials said they’re investigating the comments.

“ORYA feels it is important to question every person who witnessed and/or engaged in that conversation before coming to any determinations,” ORYA director Matthew Glode said.