Over 2 dozen Medford Police officers disciplined for alleged detail scandal

Multiple Medford Police officers disciplined for alleged detail scandal

MEDFORD, Mass. — Over two dozen Medford police officers and supervisors have been disciplined and some have been suspended amid an investigation into an alleged violation of policies related to detail work, Boston 25 News has learned.

According to the Medford Police Chief Jack Buckley, about a quarter of their department is involved in violating policies related to detail work

Chief Buckley told the 25 Investigates Team that "approximately 26 officers" are facing disciplinary action, including sergeants and lieutenants. He did not name specific officers.

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25 Investigates has learned that some of those officers billed the City of Medford for detail shifts they never worked.

The investigation, which began in June 2019, looked at a three-month period from Feb. to April 2018.

While Chief Buckley did not specify exactly what led to the probe nor the cost to the city, he did confirm the investigation found multiple department policies were being violated, including failure to supervise.

One of those policy violations includes the time cards of several officers being falsely recorded.

As many as a dozen Medford Police officers have been suspended without pay, while others received letters of reprimand.

Unlike the ongoing State Police detail scandal, currently, there is nothing indicating that a criminal investigation is underway. The officers with falsified time cards will have to reimburse the city.

A spokesperson for the Medford mayor says that she is aware of the situation, but referred our inquiry to the police chief for further comment.

"As Mayor, I'm dismayed and disappointed with the actions of some members of the Medford Police Department. However, I remain confident that in concert with the Chief of Police, we handled this matter swiftly, professionally, and with veracity," said Mayor Stephanie M. Burke in a statement sent to Boston 25 News Thursday.

The statement included the following:

Of the forty-five (45) officers investigated, fifteen (15) were fully exonerated and findings could not be sustained as to three (3) additional officers. The discipline imposed on seven (7) officers consisted of a written letter of reprimand. Twenty (20) officers were suspended without pay for various periods of time. All received a prohibition on participation in details for various periods and there was a requirement that any compensation received that was not in conformity with the department detail policy be repaid in full on or before October 4, 2019.

Without exception, during the period of September 6, 2019 to September 11, 2019 each one of the 26 officers on whom findings were made accepted the specific discipline that had been determined.

District Attorney Marian Ryan is aware of this matter.