• Ortiz shooting the latest incident that's causing tourists to rethink D.R.

    By: John Monahan


    DEDHAM, Mass. - Four tourist deaths and the shooting of David Ortiz has many people rethinking trips to the Dominican Republic.

    One travel agent told Boston 25 News that her phone has been ringing off the hook with people trying to cancel their flights to the DR. Terry Strauss owns Dedham Travel. After hearing about 'Big Papi' getting shot in the Dominican Republic, she knew Monday would be tough. 

    "Sure enough, right away at 10 o'clock this morning the phones started ringing," Strauss said on Monday.

    The four deaths had people on the edge, but the shooting of Ortiz has many putting a halt on plans to travel to the popular tourist spot. 

    "Clients have called today," she said. "We have two groups going. We have another 22-25 leaving on June 29."

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    Tourism is the island's bread and butter. Of the 5 million who visit every year, half are Americans

    "It's all tourism on the Dominican Republic," Strauss said. "Because of the price and the non-stop flights."

    Beautiful beaches and good deals make it appealing from Boston.

    Henry Casado lives in Jamaica Plain and says, despite recent events, his native country is one of the safest – especially the resorts. 

    "In reality, in the Caribbean, one of the best countries is the Dominican Republic," he said. 

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    Back at Dedham Travel, Strauss thinks the concern will soon subside.

    "I'm hoping in a couple of months that it'll be over and done with," she said. 

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