Northbridge High student, 17, critically injured during fight in school gym

Northbridge High student, 17, critically injured during fight in school gym

NORTHBRIDGE — A 17-year-old Northbridge High student was critically injured during a fight in the school’s gymnasium, police and school officials said.

Police are now actively investigating another 18-year-old student who was involved in the fight as people across the community pull for the high school senior who remains in the hospital.

Student Remy Schofer isn’t sure how things got so out of hand, but doesn’t believe either student intended for it to escalate to such a serious level.

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“I didn’t think that would happen like that. I know he didn’t mean to do that at all. I know that was not his intention," said Schofer, who knows both students involved in the fight.

Witnesses say the 18 year old who was questioned by police is a star football player. The student who rushed away from the gym on a stretcher remains hospitalized.

Michelle Cote, another student, said: “I’m not sure if either of them knew the extent to which they were fighting. I’m sure he didn’t do anything on purpose. It just shows how even when your intentions aren’t bad, something could go wrong.”

Administrators say students and staff sprang into action to help the injured student after he was knocked unconscious by another student on Monday.

In a statement, Northbridge Schools Superintendent Amy McKinstry credited witnesses at the school for their quick response, and for getting EMS to the scene in a matter of minutes. The full statement follows:

On Monday, January 13th, an incident took place at Northbridge High School involving two male students which resulted in one student being seriously injured. Appropriate measures are being taken by the HS administration that reflect the school and district handbook policies, and the appropriate authorities have been involved. We cannot comment further because of legal restrictions concerning disclosure of information about individual students. The staff, students and administration who witnessed the incident did an outstanding job attending to the injured student and getting PD and EMS services to him quickly. The family is hopeful for a full recovery. At no time during this incident were any other students in danger, and the school is providing continued support services for any student who witnessed the incident or is experiencing any difficult emotions as a result of the incident. Both building and district administration have been in constant contact with the families of both students involved, and we would respectfully ask that the media honor their request for privacy, as this is an extremely difficult time for both families.

Robocalls went out to parents across the district informing them about the fight that left a student with critical injuries.

Northbridge Police say their investigation is ongoing. It remains unclear as to whether any charges will be filed in this case.

“They’re both good kids, I know that for a fact,” Schofer said.