Quincy HS student with autism shoots for his dream

QUINCY, Mass. — For one North Quincy High School basketball player with autism, games are usually spent cheering on teammates from the bench. Last Friday, that all changed.

Raymond Mei had worked hard for years, and it all paid off with his first shot on the court – nothing but net.

“All hard work should be rewarded, and that was certainly the case with him,” coach Kevin Barrett said.

The moment was as memorable to the rest of the school as it was for Raymond - everybody is still talking about it - and it’s proof to all students that no matter the obstacle, hard work pays off.

It was Raymond’s first game wearing a jersey, and after getting on the floor with two minutes to go he scored a 3-pointer and two lay-ups.

“All hard work should be rewarded and that was certainly the case with him,” Barrett said.

The crowd that had gathered to watch the game loved what they were seeing.

“It was electric in there, the whole place just blew up instantly, everyone was taking video. It sold out half the gym, the whole gym for him actually. It was great for him to get his moment, he really deserved it,” said team captain Ryan Manning.

Ever since, Raymond has been wearing a smile.

“Yeah I’m excited, I’m happy right now,” he said.

For Raymond, the team, and the school- its proof that hard work brings opportunity, no matter the obstacle.