NH Denise Robert murder still unsolved, 5 years later

MANCHESTER, N.H. — It is now five years since 62-year-old Denise Robert was shot to death during her regular evening walk in Manchester, N.H., and there is still no arrest. Yet her family is still optimistic that they will have justice.

“It’s been five years, we’ve probably gone through the worst of it,” said Tom Robert, Denise’s brother. “But it will be a happy day once we solve this and justice is done. And this person is taken off the street and not a danger to the rest of the community.”

On the evening of August 30, 2015, Denise Robert was fatally shot on Ray Street in Manchester, located in the city’s North End. Denise may have been the victim of a drive-by shooter.

Manchester Police said neighbors reported hearing one shot and may have seen a red pickup truck leaving the area at the time.

“To my knowledge, she didn’t provoke anybody,” Tom Robert said. “There was no reason for her to be attacked like that. But again, there wasn’t a lot of people around. Nobody is there to tell any kind of story.”


Denise Robert lived in Bedford, New Hampshire. In her final hours, Denise worked out at a Manchester gym and then stopped at a Vitamin Shoppe, a Walmart and a Hannaford’s Supermarket before driving to the other end of the city for her regular walk.

Over the years, New Hampshire investigators have taken a very close look at Denise’s case. In May 2017, police, using metal detectors and a K9, searched the grounds of a property near the crime scene. Denise’s brother believes they were looking to recover the bullet that killed his sister.

And later in 2017, investigators searched a home in Londonderry, New Hampshire. The N.H. Attorney General’s office confirmed the search warrant was connected to the Denise Robert investigation.

Denise’s brother remains optimistic that there eventually will be justice.

“Denise’s case is not the only case that they have. But they are working it. They haven’t stuck her case file in the archives. We’re hopeful, it may take some time, but we’re hopeful,” Tom Robert said.

In a statement, N.H. Assistant Attorney General Jane Young said the following:

“This office and the Manchester Police continue to work on this case, as we have for the past five years. I would implore anyone who has knowledge of this case to come forward with any information in his or her possession.”

There is a reward of more than $40,000 offered in the Denise Robert case.