• Newton residents concerned about recent coyote sightings


    NEWTON, Mass. – One Auburndale resident has a warning for her neighbors – be on the lookout for a coyote in the area.

    “It was a very large animal,” Joyce Hynds told Boston 25 News.

    Saturday morning, Hynds snapped a picture of what appears to be a large coyote with a cat in its mouth. 

    It’s a fate she worries other pets in the neighborhood have already faced.

    “If you go through my neighborhood almost every lamppost has a sign that says a missing cat please call,” she said.

    Other neighbors told Boston 25 News they too have had close calls with the wild animal.

    “One time it was following me and the dog and it was crouched down and a street light happened to be behind it and it lit it up and I wasn’t sure what it was so I walked close put a flashlight on it,” Damien Vigorito said.

    The animal then ran away but others say the coyotes can be brazen. 

    “I was walking my dogs and up the sidewalk two coyotes came through a hedge right where we were standing and they just had no they just didn’t care who was around,” Deborah Donovan said.

    These sightings are just a few of the dozens reported recently in Newton. To view the full list, click here.


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