New England's Unsolved Podcast: Theresa Corley

BOSTON — A brutal murder has haunted a Bellingham family and baffled state police investigators for nearly four decades.

A teenaged girl trying to get home was found murdered on the side of the road. Now, Theresa Corley's family is renewing its search for justice for the unimaginable violence that took her life.

After nearly 40 years, her family is clinging to the hope that someone will come forward to tell them what happened -- even if it means they've been hiding a dark secret all this time.

There's also the possibility of new genetic testing finding answers in clues buried with Theresa's body long ago.



This episode featured a score composed just for the podcast by Aaron Futch. We'd like to thank Aaron for making this episode special and donating his time to us. You can contact him at


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