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Matt Harmon is back from vacation and feeling refreshed. In his return to the pod, he asks which players need a fantasy refresh in 2024. Andy Behrens joins Harmon on the pod as they try to identify 10 candidates that need a fantasy reputation reboot this upcoming season:

(3:30) - Fantasy Refresh: Guys who need a resume reboot in 2024

(4:38) - Andy's 1st candidate: Washington RB Austin Ekeler

(7:52) - Matt's 1st candidate: Washington OC Kliff Kingsbury

(15:30) - Andy's 2nd candidate: Giants QB Daniel Jones

(25:05) - Matt's 2nd candidate: Bengals QB Joe Burrow

(31:10) - Andy's 3rd candidate: Bryce Young + Diontae Johnson

(38:10) - Matt's 3rd candidate: Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin

(43:50) - Andy's 4th candidate: Steelers QBs Russell Wilson

(51:30) - Matt's 4th candidate: Broncos RB Javonte Williams

(55:20) - Honorable mentions and one QB candidate that has to be on the list

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