Move over, Unicorn Frappuccino; here's Starbucks' Dragon Frappe

Move over, Unicorn Frappuccino; here's Starbucks' Dragon Frappe

Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino, which debuted for a limited time from April 19-23, caused quite a buzz on the internet, as customers tried the tart, colorful drink with mixed reactions.

While many people reveled at the unique color- and taste-changing capabilities, others said the drink was sour, and some baristas said the drink was a pain to make.

In the midst of the Unicorn Frappuccino craze, some Starbucks locations ran out of the ingredients needed to make the drink. As a result, the "Dragon Frappuccino" was born.

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"I apologized profusely to my barista before ordering the ... (Unicorn Frappuccino)," one Instagram user in California wrote. "Thankfully they were out of the ingredients and offered me something not only cooler and better tasting but easier to make."

There's no exact recipe for the drink, which was not an official Starbucks offering, but some have described it as a Green Tea Frappuccino with flair. One Instagram user guessed it was "a green tea frap with vanilla bean powder and some berry ... swirl."

"No weird sour taste like the Unicorn Frappe had," one person told the "Today" show.

While the coffee chain offers the Green Tea Frappuccino year-round, the berry swirl was likely an ingredient leftover from the Unicorn Frappe promo period.

Another drink inspired by the Unicorn Frappe? The “Unicorn Lemonade.”

A Reddit user who claimed to be a Starbucks barista first posted photos of the drink on the social media platform during the Unicorn Frappe promotion.

"It's just a layered raspberry lemonade. On the left, the first half is with the blue powder and the top with the pink. The one of the right is just a lemonade with the blue powder on the bottom and then passion tea on top. If you put extra ice in the cup you're able to layer it," the Reddit user wrote. "It's actually really yummy."

The post was later deleted after other commenters, many of which claimed to be baristas, urged the post be taken down.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, baristas can customize your drink over 170,000 ways.

But don’t go into a Starbucks expecting a barista to know the ingredients of all custom drinks.

"If customers want to order a beverage that is not listed on our menu boards, we recommend they know the recipe so that their barista can handcraft the beverage perfectly for them," a Starbucks spokesperson told Bustle.