May 2016 begins as least sunny on record

MILTON, Mass. — If you were thinking this month could not have been any cloudier, you were actually exactly correct! In fact, the first five days of May recorded ZERO sunshine. That’s the least amount of sunshine of any first five days of May on record at the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton. Records go back to 1886.

Chief Scientist Mike Iacono told us that the previous lowest amount of sunshine to start May was just 30 minutes in 2012, and that was all on the May 5, after the first four days having zero as well.

Mike went on to say the cloudiest May on record was in 1888 when we had only 31 percent of possible sunshine. May 2012 finished with 40% of possible sunshine, tying it for 10th cloudiest on record.

We are doing some catching up this week with sunshine and highs in the 60s and 70s coming. That is, of course, before more showers come to end the week.