Woman dragged out of car, suffers broken arm in Brockton road rage incident

"I'm mad, he ruined my life": Brockton woman speaks out after attack by man in road rage incident

BROCKTON, Mass. — A mother from Taunton says she was viciously attacked after she was dragged out of her car during a road rage incident in Brockton.

The Taunton woman and mother of two has multiple sclerosis and was a passenger in a friend’s SUV Wednesday afternoon.

In the incident, a man started driving erratically around them and then prevented them from traveling any farther.

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"We didn't think anything of it," Lydia said. "People cut each other off all the time. We got to a stop, he was behind us, then pulled in front of us. We couldn't get out."

The woman, identified as Lydia, says she was recording video at that point, and threatened during the incident to sent the video to the police.

The man then dragged Lydia out of the car on Brook and Bartlett Streets and swatted the phone out of her hands.

"He started punching me in my chest, my face," Lydia said. "He threw me to the ground, he had me in a headlock."

She says she was fighting for her life, and can be heard screaming for her phone in the video.

Lydia broke her arm and had scrapes and other injuries.

Brockton Police are looking for the driver of a gold BMW X5 in connection to the incident, while Lydia is left hoping for a conclusion in the situation.

"I want him found," Lydia said. "I believe in God, forgiveness is there. But, I can't hold my son, I have to have surgery. My son is autistic and he can't do things on his own. I can't change his diaper. I'm mad, he ruined my life."

Anyone with information or who recognizes the suspect is asked to contact Brockton Police at 508-941-0200 or submit a tip through the online reporting system.