Massachusetts law enforcement gearing up for elections

BOSTON — Casting our ballots on Election Day is the one thing that unites us all as Americans.

But on this contentious Election Day, the results may be something that divides us, and could cause civil unrest.

Across New England, law enforcement is preparing.

“There’s a lot of tension out there and we have to be prepared for that,” former Boston Police Dan Linskey told me.

Right now, law enforcement is paying attention to sources and social media, trying to discover if any actions are planned.

“They’ve already begun a review of intelligence to see what people are talking about and thinking about,” Linskey said. “(They are trying to) get a heads up on what might happen if people feel disenfranchised and want to take to the streets.”

Massachusetts State Police tell me they will have extra staffing on Election Day, with platoons all around the state, ready to move, if need.

Boston Police tell me they too are gearing up.

And a source tells Boston 25 News, the National Guard will be on stand by in the Boston and Worcester areas should trouble erupt.

All of those layers of law enforcement will be in place to help protect against intimidation at polling places, and to protect peaceful demonstrators who, afterwards, might feel their votes didn’t matter.

It is hoped all of this prep work will keep the peace on Election Day, and beyond.

“When all this is over, whether its Biden or Trump, police and the community will have to sit back together and try to figure out how we are going to work together to ensure we police our communities in a way that is safe for our communities, fair and responsible. And at the same time, so that police can do their jobs fair and effectively,” Linskey said.

Right now, the focus is on Election Day itself, and making sure that everyone’s rights are protected, no matter who people support.

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