• Former Patriots star doing 'much better' after 2nd stroke


    ATTLEBORO, Mass. - Former New England Patriots linebacker and ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi says he's doing "much better" after suffering a second stroke.

    In an Instagram post on Monday, Bruschi says he knew what was happening immediately last Thursday when he lost use of his left arm, began slurring his speech and his wife noticed his face was drooping.

    An ambulance took Bruschi to Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

    The Instagram post includes a list of the several warning signs of a stroke that should prompt an immediate call to 911.

    Elizabeth Perry Tirrell, executive director of Tedy's Team Foundation told Boston 25 News spreading that message is Bruschi's mission. 

    The mission began just weeks after he suffered his first stroke in February 2005 days after the Patriots' third Super Bowl win. The then 31-year-old didn't recognize the signs, so when he partially lost his vision, he tried to sleep it off. He retired after surgery but later returned and played three more seasons for the team.

    "He had a TIA which is a transient ischemic attack. It is a temporary clot to the brain," said Tirrell. "A transient ischemic attack is actually what's known as a mini-stroke. And, it also is known as a warning shot. It can lead to a much more severe stroke."

    That, she says, can happen in 30-90 days. So Tedy's team is committed to raising awareness about signs of stroke and heart disease with the goal of saving lives. 

    The team fundraised millions over the years with hundreds of members running the Boston Marathon and the Falmouth Road Race. 

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