Brewster Ambulance takes ‘immediate action’ after EMT‘s Facebook post about Brockton riots

Brewster Ambulance takes ‘immediate action’ after EMT‘s Facebook post about Brockton riots
Rioters smashed window and set Dunkin' on Montello Street in Brockton on fire Tuesday night

BROCKTON, Mass. — Brewster Ambulance Service took immediate action after being notified about a Facebook post involving one of the company’s emergency medical technicians, president and CEO Mark Brewster told Boston 25 News.

Barbie Gagnon posted she was working the overnight shift, Tuesday into Wednesday, and warned her fellow EMTs to be safe as rioters were vandalizing buildings in Brockton. She wrote, “At this point, my life, and my partners [sic] life is worth more to me than my license... Jump in front of my truck and your gettin [sic] your [expletive] run over. STRAIGHT FACTS. They don't wanna play crazy with this chick, Im [sic] so much better at it."

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Gagnon responded to our request for comment with a statement, saying her post was taken out of context and meant to be a sarcastic comment. She referenced seeing posts on Facebook of fire trucks, police cars and ambulances across the country being set on fire and vandalized during riots.

“[My post] was just saying that if a group of rioters surrounded our vehicle and would not move so we could continue driving, what are we supposed to do?” Gagnon said. “Do they want us to just sit inside the truck while the rioters tried to set us on fire?”

Gagnon said her words weren't meant to be malicious.

“I am sorry if people that do not know me took this the wrong way,” Gagnon said. “I meant no harm, and in no way would I take anothers [sic] life.”

She offered an apology to anyone who was offended by her post.

“Some of us deal with what is going on with this pandemic differently,” Gagnon added. “Some try and make light of bad situations by saying stupid things randomly.”

Brewster said the demonstrations happening across the county following the death of George Floyd are a reminder "we have a responsibility to support and celebrate our differences."

"At no point does Brewster support violence,” Brewster said. “We support and will continue to support non-violence to our community partners and the community we serve.”

Brewster never named Gagnon and declined to say what action was taken as personnel matters are confidential.

“Our number one goal is the safety of our team and the community and patients we serve,” Brewster said. “We have also taken additional steps to remind our team members of our mission statement, which is to provide safe emergency transportation to our patients while delivering exceptional customer service.”​