Boston officials unveil ‘The Embrace’ sculpture to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King

BOSTON — The world can now see the interlocking arms that commemorates a legacy that started with love. The Embrace Boston Executive Director, Imari Jeffries, believes this tribute will remember one legacy and motivate new ones. “Boston in context to the civil rights movement and context to our independence and Boston in context to liberty and justice. I think that is the sentiment. That is the story we hope embrace tells when people come to visit,” said Jeffries.

The Embrace sculpture is a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King and his wife, Coretta Scott King, who met while studying in Boston. MLK’s oldest son’s family was there for the unveiling, including MLK’s granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King. “I am very proud to be their granddaughter but I am also challenged by their inspiring legacy and submissions, courage and hope and healing,” said King.

More than a hundred ideas were on the table but artist Hank Willis Thomas’ “Embrace” was selected. “It’s a monument, it’s a landmark for love and that’s why I want people to come here and honor that and spread that energy throughout the world,” said Thomas. The artist telling us there is actually a heart shape can see from different angles. He says that was not intentional. “There is an angle when you are looking at it and you see a heart. I would love to say that was really a part of the idea but it wasn’t until we saw the final piece,” said Thomas.

Former Governor Deval Patrick told us he was mostly proud as he first saw the new monument. “I love the idea that there is a lasting statement about the importance of community and welcoming all of us,” said Patrick. The memorial also has a stone area including benches so people can sit and enjoy it for years to come.

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