Beverly man’s non-political lawn sign unites neighbors with laughter

BEVERLY, Mass. — During a pandemic and a time of intense political divide, a lawn sign at a North Shore home is giving a lot of neighbors reason to laugh.

The non-political, political lawn sign reads: “VINNY EGIZI: I’m not running for anything. I just wanted my own sign.”

Egizi often hears passersby on Lothrop Street laughing outside his Beverly living room window as they stop to do a double-take of the gift from his son Marco.

“I don’t want to insult my wife or my other kids, but this is probably the best gift I ever got,” Egizi said.

Egizi installed the sign in 2018, later taking it down for some time.  But after receiving his second anonymous postcard expressing “support of your campaign for nothing,” Egizi knew he had no choice but to bring the sign back Wednesday.

“As long as it makes people laugh, get out of their regular routine,” Egizi said. “Stop thinking about COVID, stop thinking about politics, and just laugh.”

What Egizi’s campaign lacks in substance it more than makes up for in momentum. He says he has received a few write-in votes from neighbors in local elections.

“I love his sign. He’s the man!” said Judy Michaud as she walked by Egizi’s home. “He needs to run for city council.”

“It’s pretty funny. Good to add some humor to all the political uneasiness going on right now,” said Dwight Huseland. “Tensions are kind of high on both sides. A little bit of humor to get people to laugh, especially this time of year.”