Marine stabbed while trying to help a woman being attacked

WORCESTER, Mass. — A Marine who stepped in to help a woman being attacked by a man was jumped by three men and then stabbed in the eye with a boxcutter.

Tyler Ferrara, 26, was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. He was out with friends when he saw a woman being punched in the head. He instinctively rushed to help her.

“This kid from day one, since he was a little kid, was always out to help somebody,” said Matt Ferrara, who is Tyler’s brother.

Police found the suspect Jason Rennie, 33, of Worcester and charged him with assault with intent to murder and held without bail. He will be in court Thursday for a dangerousness hearing.

Tyler recently retired from the Marines after about five years of service and several deployments. His brother said he arrived home and got right back to work and school.

“He came right home and the first week he went back to school to finish his Masters,” Matt Ferrara said.

But now all that is up in the air. Tyler must stay home and move as little as possible due to the injury.

“He can’t do anything. He’s basically on bed rest right now. He can’t go out, he can’t lift anything over 10 pounds right now,” said his brother.

That’ll be tough because his 2-year-old son is coming to live with him this week. His brother Matt said it’s in Tyler’s blood to help others. He’s done it his whole life, but now it’s time for others to do the same for him.

“He’s always putting his life on hold to help other people out, that’s just the way he is. And now he needs help. That’s what we’re here for now; it’s time to help him out,” Ferrara said.

Tyler has at least two more surgeries to go. The hope is he can get some of his vision back if not all, but there’s no guarantee. In the meantime, his brother and a friend have set up a GoFundMe page to help Tyler.