Mansfield superintendent announces plans to retire amid allegations of plagiarism

MANSFIELD, Mass. ( -- The superintendent of Mansfield Public Schools announced plans to retire Wednesday amid allegations of plagiarism.

Superintendent Brenda Hodges was accused of plagiarizing her Mansfield High School commencement speech from a speech delivered by US Navy Admiral William McRaven. Hodges said she wasn't aware of similarities between the speeches until a student sent her an anonymous letter that included a copy of McRaven's speech.

The superintendent said she did incorporate ideas from another graduation speech she heard in her home state of Oklahoma more than a year ago. She says that speaker gave her permission to do so.

Hodges said Wednesday she did not believe the school system could continue to make progress if the issue remains a distraction. For that reason, she said she would work through August 29 and thereafter receive medical treatment for a longstanding injury before retiring on June 30, 2015.

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