Man upset over late mail accused of threatening postal workers

BOSTON — A man who was upset about his mail being late allegedly threatened post office employees with a tape cutter Friday.

Police said Saleem Anderson went into the post office on Harvard Avenue in Allston to complain about his mail delivery. Things escalated, and Anderson allegedly threatened workers with a tape cutter and then smashed a receipt printer on the ground.

Employees called 911 and Anderson was arrested.

Other people in the area told Boston 25 News they often have issues with their mail.

"Mail service around here isn't that great. get a lot of letters that are delivered to the wrong building,” said Dan Martin.

While Anderson was in the back of the cruiser after his arrest, police said he started hitting his head off the barriers and kicking the barricade glass. He also allegedly screamed, “I’ll get you b****** now!”

An officer used his body camera to record Anderson’s action, and did inform him he was being recorded. At that point, he instead began making demands while called the officers obscenities, said police.

Anderson is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, malicious destruction of property and threats to do bodily harm.

He’s scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday at Brighton District Court.