• 'You gonna shoot me?': Argument between friends ends in violent murder


    RANDOLPH, Mass. - The suspect in a deadly shooting in Randolph appeared in court on Wednesday following a 20-hour manhunt that ended in Lynn.

    Justin Gaston, who was described by police as armed and dangerous, was eventually captured after police surrounded him at an apartment building on Richards Street on Tuesday afternoon.

    According to police, the 32-year-old shot and killed his former roommate, 33-year-old Haki Sanders inside a Randolph home. Investigators say Gaston used to live in the home with the victim and believe they grew up together in Dorchester. 

    Investigators say Sanders - who is the godfather to Gaston's children - was staying with Gaston and Gaston's mother when an altercation between the men spun out of control. According to court documents, Gaston's mother said she heard Sanders say, "You have a gun? You going to shoot me?" and when she ran outside to call 911, she heard multiple gunshots ring out. 

    State Police detectives assigned to the Norfolk County DA's Office and Randolph police responded to the murder scene around 8 p.m. Monday. 

    "It’s very scary for the kids, having a person who murdered somebody in the neighborhood," said one Randolph mother who asked not to be identified.  

    Authorities did not elaborate on Gaston’s connection to Lynn, where he was arrested.

    Boston 25 News learned that a prior 2012 drug conviction on Gaston's record was thrown out due to its connection to the misconduct scandal involving former state chemist Annie Dookhan.

    It is unclear if he'd still be serving time if that conviction hadn't been erased.

    Police still haven't disclosed what could've been Gaston's motive for the killing.

    Court documents revealed Gaston suffered from mental health issues. 

    Investigators say Gaston believed Sanders was partially to blame for his involuntary commitment for mental health treatment and accused Sanders of having a relationship with his girlfriend.

    Court documents also showed possible defensive bullet wounds on Sanders' body, a "projectile found by his head" as well as a bedroom door that had been forcibly ripped off its hinges during the altercation.

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