Long list of weapons seized from ‘Rise of the Moors’ revealed during chaotic day in court

MEDFORD, Mass. — New court documents reveal exactly what was in the vans as police surrounded the ‘Rise of the Moors’ group on 128 North Saturday morning.

Police seized a long list of weapons and ammunition from their vans, and because none of the 11 members had a license to carry, they face unlawful possession of firearms, which could amount to 10 years behind bars.

“What they found is essentially many, many magazines and different types of ammunition,” said Assistant District Attorney Graham Van Epps. “A variety of different types of weapons in vehicles including pistols, rifles and shotguns.”

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In Cambridge District Court Tuesday, all of the defendants, except one, did not want a lawyer representing them, but the day was long and chaotic as the members often gave the judge long-winded, indirect and sometimes unclear answers.

“I understand that you object to them, but do you understand that you are charged with those things?” asked Malden District Court Judge Emily Karstetter about the charges.

“I understand that you were violating my constitutional rights and the second amendment,” said defendant Quinn Cumberlander of Pawtucket, R.I.

“Do you wish to proceed alone without standby counsel?” Judge Karstetter asked.

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“I do have my own counsel,” Cumberlander said.

“When you say you have your own counsel, who is that sir?” Karstetter asked.

“The government,” Cumberlander responded.

What was clear was that many members of the Rise of the Moors group were not accepting the authority of the court or the gravity of the charges.

“Are you also aware that at least one of these charges carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison?” Karstetter asked.

During this nearly five-hour-long day, family and friends watched in angst, some of them even interrupting the judge over Zoom connections.

“Objection, you cannot enter a plea on our behalf, and at this point, you need to dismiss this case,” one person interrupted.

“Please do not interrupt, if you interrupt again, you will be removed,” Karstetter responded.

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Several of the defendants are ordered held without bail. The arraignments will continue Wednesday with those who the judge didn’t get to.

There were two defendants that didn’t give names. The judge ordered one held without bail until he does. The 2nd John Doe will be in court Wednesday.

Some of the members have also legally changed their names, which only caused some more confusion as the judge called on them.

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