Weather watchers and fishermen making the most of the calm before the storm

PLYMOUTH, Mass — Winds picked up through the night in Plymouth. But that wind did not stop a lot of people from coming to see Hurricane Lee come blowing into town.

“It’s been really good out here,” said Will Barkowsky of Kingston.

Barkowsky says the fishing before a storm can’t be beat.

He caught this nearly four-foot blue fish off the Plymouth jetty yesterday.

“The barometric pressure is going through the roof cause of this storm and the fish can feel it. They gotta get something in their stomachs before it hits and I think they’ll be eating today,” he said.

He and his two buddies went back out despite the impending storm.

“So, you guys are going out there today… it’s pretty windy. No problem for you guys?’

“No, we got sticky feet we’ll hold on to the rocks. We’ll be alright,” said Barkowsky.

And off they went as the wind from Lee continued to whip up drawing even more people to the ocean’s edge.

“It’s a New England thing I guess. It’s the only part of the country where they watch the weather channel as entertainment I guess,” said Dan Moriarty, a storm watcher who is visiting from Boston.

As for Barkowsky and his buddies, they did okay. Their sticky feet seemed to help giving them a solid footing as they reeled in another nig blue fish just minutes after we spoke. They made their way safely off the jetty about 7 PM.

Stronger winds and rising seas sent many home to hunker down as Lee passed by just grazing the coast of Massachusetts

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