Video: Two armed robberies in two days at Mobile Phone Stores in Jamaica Plain

JAMAICA PLAIN — A seemingly normal Thursday turned into a nightmare for the manager of Cricket Wireless on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.

“It’s very scary. Yeah two knives. One really thicker and one a little thinner,” said Emmanuel Sanchez.

Sanchez says his heart was pounding but he tried to keep calm as a man who appeared to be a customer suddenly pulled out two knives.

“He pulled out both knives and said to me don’t do nothing stupid. Open the register,” said Sanchez.

He complied as the suspect took $700.00 dollars from the register telling Sanchez not to make any sudden moves.

“Just kept saying don’t do nothing stupid don’t do nothing stupid. He didn’t give me any chance to press the emergency button,” he said.

The thief even took money from Sanchez’ wallet but thought twice and gave it back.

“He returned it back because it was only 15 dollars. Yeah that’s pretty funny.” Said Sanchez.

And Sanchez says the Boost Mobile just up the street was hit on Wednesday.

“Two days ago he got robbed.”

Sanchez used to manage that store and saw their surveillance of that robbery. He thinks the same man robbed Boost.

“I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy. Same ways, same tactics, same everything,” said Sanchez.

He says the employee there was put in a back room and assaulted. Sanchez was locked in the bathroom but not assaulted. He considers himself lucky but says his store and the others need more security.

“Hopefully it doesn’t happen again because we really need more security in the stores especially when there’s only one person working,’ said Sanchez.

Boston Police are investigating to see if these two robberies are connected. If you recognize the suspect or know about what happened they want to hear form you.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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