Video shows two police officers saving the life of a choking baby in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — A three-month old baby girl is alive today, thanks to the fast action of two police officers in Springfield.

Body-camera video of the incredible save was released on Wednesday.

The rescue happened on Monday at 2 p.m. while the officers were working a detail in a work zone. A mom jumped out of her car and began screaming that her baby wasn’t breathing.

Officers Christopher Charles and Luis Rodriguez ran to the woman’s car, where they found the baby girl looking pale, choking and gasping for air.

Officer Rodriguez called for ambulance while Officer Charles removed the baby from her car seat, placed her face down on his forearm and began patting her on the back to clear her airway.

“Shortly after, the baby responded by crying and the officers observed a white liquid coming from the baby’s mouth,” according to a statement from Springfield Police.

The officers credited their training for the lifesaving act.

“I just relied on my training, you know, someone was in distress and we’re trained to react...and I have kids,” Cross said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Rodriguez added, “I have a very good partner beside me. If it wasn’t for him, none of this stuff would’ve happened as well.”

The baby was released from the hospital later on Monday, after being rushed there by ambulance crews.

Both officers graduated from the most recent Springfield Police Academy class in March 2021.

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