‘Very unsafe:’ Teachers, students demand change at Brockton High School amid rash of violence

BROCKTON, Mass. — Boston 25 News obtained a new video showing a fight inside Brockton High School, where students and teachers say violence is now a daily occurrence.

“It has become very unsafe being at the school teaching and the students as well,” said Nora Acevedo a Brockton High School teacher.

Last May another violent incident was reported and investigated at the school after three students were stabbed.

Acevedo says she witnessed another brawl firsthand.

“I was the only one in the cafeteria at the moment. There were supposed to be two teachers but the other supervisor was absent. A fight broke out with girls wandering the hallways they came in to attack another girl in the cafeteria,” said Acevedo.

The school committee held a special meeting to hear concerns and they got an earful.

One student said most bathrooms are closed due to safety concerns.

“Most days there are only 1 or 2 bathrooms available to use at BHS that’s 3900 students and only about 4 bathrooms open a day,” said Lydia Bloodsworth who is a Senior at Brockton High School.

A teacher was in tears saying she’s so afraid to come to school she often stays home.

“I have been one of those teachers that has called out twice a week because I can’t do it,” said Julie Fairfield who is a math teacher.

The school committee did listen and stated they wanted to implement changes to improve safety.

Brockton High’s new principal, just 3 weeks on the job, says he realizes the tough work ahead.

‘It’s going to take a lot of hands, a lot of tears, a lot of sweat, and hopefully not to much blood to make systemic changes going forward,” said Kevin McCaskill who is the Brockton High Principal.

One change will be a new cell phone policy. The concern is that students use them to video fights and vandalism and then share them online. That change will be addressed at a meeting on February 6th.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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