Teens attack Suffolk students as new video shows them harassing a local restaurant in late March

BOSTON — New video shows a group of teens terrorizing a local restaurant in late March. The teens demand drinks and shout at customers inside Silvertone’s in Downtown Crossing. One teen even pulling a knife on a witness according to a police report. The owner was able to usher them out, but they returned and smashed the front doors, leaving shards of glass all over the floor.

Fast forward to Wednesday night when two Suffolk students were violently attacked on Boston Common by the same group of teens. All of it is frightening to new students.

“This is my first semester in Boston. So, hearing about some of this stuff is kind of scary,” said Emma Fairfield who is a new sophomore.

At 6:30PM  Wednesday evening two Suffolk students tried to help a woman and her child who were being harassed by a group of teens by the Earl of Sandwich on the common.

A police report says: “As the woman walked away the group began swearing at her.”

The Suffolk students told the teens to behave and leave the woman alone.

The teens then went after the students.

“At this point the slim, black juvenile female began punching (her) and knocked her glasses off her face. She then stepped on her glasses before punching her again,” according to the police report.

One of the students shot video. Police identified the main instigator as an 11 year old. They say she is well-known to officers and is responsible for terrorizing unsuspecting citizens of downtown Boston.

When asked what can be done Mayor Wu only offered this: “There is never an excuse for violence, it is unacceptable we are working to make sure there are accountable mechanisms in place to guarantee all of our visitors to Boston, all of our residents across the city are safe in our city,” she said.

The mayor wouldn’t say what those mechanisms are or how they will stop these terrorizing teens. Her answer was not good enough for the manager of the sandwich shop. He’s afraid they’ll drive away business.

“Knowing that incident happened at 6:30, that could happen on a Friday or a Saturday night or any week from now on and that is kind of scary,” said Christopher Tinney who is the General Manager of Earl of Sandwich.

And as for students at Suffolk, they will remain on guard.

“Now people walk home in groups and stuff, always ready with our phones,” said Madison Amaral who is a Suffolk University sophomore.

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