Taunton couple attacked after hanging gay Pride flag in their front yard

TAUNTON, Mass. — A Taunton man says he was attacked for being gay on his own front lawn.

The assault happened at the end of June after Tom Anderson and his husband Jacob hung up a Pride flag outside their home.

“We had put the flag up maybe an hour beforehand, it was Pride month,” said Tom.

Tom says he had just hung up the Pride flag when a man driving by stopped his car, got out and attacked him.

“I was kind of in a state of disbelief, like really, I’m in my own yard,” said Tom.

He says the man swore at him, called him a name and punched him in the face.

Tom lost his two front teeth from the blow and needed several stitches.

“I saw the guy just come up and yell those nasty words at my husband and then hit him two or three times and then took off back into his car and screeched away,” said Jacob Anderson, Tom’s husband. “It’s definitely a hate crime just based on the words he used.”

The Andersons say another person passing by stopped to help them after witnessing the attack.

They called police and gave them a description of the man and his car in the hopes of finding him.

“I’m more worried about him getting away with it and thinking ‘okay this is okay to do,” said Tom.

Taunton police say they’re still investigating this assault, while so many others have been showing love and support for the Andersons, who have been married for nine years and counting.

“The community’s been amazing, family, friends, city of Taunton, our workplaces, have been so helpful,” said Jacob.

They’ve received gifts from friends and even strangers after the attack, including a home security system.

“It’s not just gay people, it’s so many different people are just targeted because of who you are,” said Tom.

As scary as this was, Tom says this won’t stop them from flying their flag with pride, well beyond the month of June.

“I want to just keep it up all year long now,” he said.

You can find local LGBTQ resources here.

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