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Some locals still stuck in Florida after storm

BOSTON — Airports in Florida are coming back on line but there have still been cancelations all day. People who were stranded before the storm are still having trouble getting back.

Some of the first people out of southern Florida are now landing back in Boston. “It was very scary down there,” one traveler said. Travelers we talked to say it was quite a ride the past few days in the anything but sunshine state. Jen Drahan was in southern Florida. “Three or four tornadoes. I mean we made a safe room in the bathroom, in the bath tub with the dogs and the water and the dog water bowl and all this stuff,” said Drahan. Shakhia Rather finally got home Friday after days of trying. “There was no power, all the stores were closed. It was just really cold,” said Rather.

Southwest Florida saw some of the most intense damage – knocking off power and communication. It also left people stranded for days. “We were supposed to get back Wednesday, but we didn’t end up coming back until today [Friday] because the flight was canceled twice”

Earlier this week, we talked to Amy Nesbitt who was trying to get home before the storm. She has not made much progress. “It changes like every hour, so we were originally booked for Thursday to Friday at noon, then it became Friday at 130 and then it became Saturday at 530 pm,” said Nesbitt.  She also says she is done with this storm. “I am done with Ian. I have had enough of him,” said Nesbitt.

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