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Kayla Montgomery says “I still love” Adam in jailhouse phone call

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Kayla Montgomery said she still loves Harmony Montgomery’s father, Adam, and attempted to pass along a message to him through Adam’s father, according to a recently released jailhouse phone conversation.

The ten minute call was played during Kayla’s bail hearing Thursday in Hillsborough County Superior Court. Asst. Attorney General Jesse O’Neill said it was recorded two nights ago at the Hillsborough County Jail. O’Neill argued the phone call violated Kayla’s bail order because she tried to send Adam a message through his father, Michael Montgomery, Sr. Kayla has been ordered not to have any contact with Adam.

“I still love him. I’m here for him. I miss him. I’m [expletive], I’m not going anywhere. If you let him know that, like, I’m still here. I’m not going nowhere,” Kayla said in the recording.

O’Neill said any contact between Kayla and Adam, even one that could sound innocuous, could hurt the cases against both defendants.

“Her bail conditions are simple. One of her conditions is that she not have any contact with Adam Montgomery. Direct, indirect or through a third-party. Asking someone to send him a message is attempting to contact him through a third-party,” O’Neill said following the hearing.

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Kayla’s attorney, Paul Garrity, said the phone call is harmless.

“Given the context of the phone call, I thought it was pretty benign,” Garrity said.

Earlier in the recording, Kayla discussed her relationship with Adam and talked in vague terms about why the couple separated.

“He was being crazy. That’s why I had to leave. That’s why I had to separate myself from him. He was being insane. He was being crazy. I had to go. I couldn’t deal with it,” Kayla said.

Kayla is charged with committing welfare fraud and receiving stolen guns. Neither she nor Harmony’s father have been charged in relation to Harmony’s disappearance. O’Neill said he believes Kayla is a flight risk and is asking the judge to set her bail at $5,000.

“The concern always with bail is that somebody flees the jurisdiction of the court, flees their court case. That’s why we asked for bail because that’s what the concern would be,” O’Neill said.

Garrity said Kayla doesn’t have the money to post bail. He’s asking the judge to release her on her personal recognizance, with daily check-ins with the Manchester Police Dept. and participation in a drug treatment program.

“She has family support, but not financial support,” he said.

The judge ended the hearing without making a decision on Kayla’s bail. Adam is due back in court June 28.

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