RMV inspections out of commission after cyber attack on vendor

BROCKTON, Mass. — Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24 in Brockton is one of all the inspection locations across the Commonwealth unable to do emissions testing.

“Also, it couples with our new cars inspections for two stores,” said Manuel Martinez, Service Manager at Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24.

The company that provides the computer software, Applus technologies were hit with a massive malware attack.

“Malware specifically is some, sort of, bug or used to commonly be called a virus that gets on a system and it compromises it in terms of holding it hostage,” said Matt Kozloski of Winslow Technology Group in Waltham.

Wednesday, the RMV held a webinar for all the emissions locations across the state with updates on the situations.

Packets, including jump drives, are being sent to every business for a fix.

They hope to have it up and running by Monday but cleaning up this kind of cyber attack is no quick oil change.

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“These cleanup efforts are massive, on the order of 100′s of hours of planning just to understand the problem and what to do next,” said Kozloski.

When it does, all those vehicles on the road in need of inspections will be pulling into place like Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24.

“I think what will happen is there will be a huge influx when it’s running, and you’ll end of the month beginning of the month people will be getting them to do, now you’ll have this huge rush of people to come and get em done,” said Martinez

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All motor vehicles with expired inspection stickers from March 2021 will be allowed to receive an inspection through April 30.

Vehicles purchased or registered on or after March 23 will also be allowed to receive inspection through April 30.