Quincy baker puts a sweet spin on politics ahead of Election Day

QUINCY, Mass. — Beth Veneto is trying to take some bitterness out of the upcoming election, one bite at a time.

“If they come in sour, they’re leaving sweet, let me tell ya," said Veneto.

Veneto is better known as Ginger Betty, who owns the Quincy bakery that bears her name. Her sweets have been a hit since 1995.

While packaging her latest cookie creations she said she’s made, “Probably close to 1,000.”

That’s 1,000 cookies, more specifically she’s referring to her confectionary candidates representing Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“It’s a little bit crazy," said Veneto. "So, I said, ‘Let’s try to have a little bit of fun,’ and it’s really working.”

Her latest effort hopes to try to sweeten the sour political discourse around the upcoming election.

“It’s so crazy and I thought what better way to bring people together than a little cookie break?"

Her idea is called the Peppermint Poll. Veneto came up it a few weeks back and since then people have come in to buy the cookie of their favorite candidate.

Some teenage girls liked the Trump cookie because it was cute, but others favor Biden.

“They might have heard through the grapevine that Ginger Donald was up in the [Ginger Betty’s Peppermint Poll], and one lady who had heard that said, ‘Where are the Biden cookies? I’ll have 14 please.’"

Who’s winning so far? Well, according to Veneto, the numbers are about 600 for Ginger Donald and 136 for Ginger Joe.

“All right according to Ginger Betty’s Peppermint Poll the numbers are about 600-Ginger Donald to 136 for Ginger Joe," said Veneto.

But whoever you like, the Peppermint Poll is just an attempt to lighten the mood. Veneto knows a cookie can put a smile on your face and she just hopes her cookie candidates help satisfy your political sweet tooth.