Norwood Hospital remains closed nearly a month after severe flooding

NORWOOD, Mass. — Video from inside Norwood Hospital back in late June shows the unbelievable flooding described as something straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

“Up at the top floor it was coming through the roof – here in Norwood – this was a heck of a storm that came here – 5 and half inches of water,” said longtime Norwood resident Jack Tolman.

Sky 25 was above the hospital on Wednesday and saw that major cleanup continues.

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Boston 25′s Scott McDonnell spoke with nurses who worked at Norwood Hospital.

“It’s certainly been difficult for everyone. We’ve all worked at Norwood for a long time it’s our home,” said Joan Ballantyne, RN, Norwood Hospital ICU, Co-chair of the nurses’ MNA local bargaining unit.

“There was the basement and the water but unfortunately, the damage from the roof, too, so it went through the whole three levels of floor and into the basement so every one of those floors and departments were damaged – that’s where the OR is the ER, the pharmacy – everything was pretty much destroyed,” said Ballantyne.

There are 450 nurses that worked at Norwood Hospital.

Many have been able to collect unemployment for the last month during the hospital’s closure.

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“We are all in this holding pattern why people are deciding to go forward and work at one of the other steward facilities,” said Ballantyne.

Thursday, the over 400 nurses who work at Norwood Hospital will begin the selection process of jobs at other Steward hospitals and facilities.

One thing all are certain about, is just how important the hospital is to Norwood.

“I would say almost the entire town was born here - I was born here my wife was born here- my son was born here,” said Tolman.

“We’ve all worked at Norwood for a long time it’s our home our home base – most of us live in the area,” said Ballantyne.

“It’s devastating. I’ve worked there for 32 years that’s my home….my second home,” said Kathy Reardon, RN, Norwood Hospital Co-chair of the MNA local bargaining unit.

The owner of Norwood Hospital – Steward sent Boston 25 News this statement:

“Steward is fully committed to reestablishing Norwood Hospital as a full-service, state-of-the-art hospital to meet the health care needs of this community. We are still assessing the full extent of damage sustained by Norwood Hospital and we continue to work closely with state officials to determine a timeline for reopening, beginning with the Emergency Department which is our top priority. We will continue to keep our staff, local officials and the public updated.”