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Police radio call highlights special bond with Sharon student with autism & school resource officer

SHARON, Mass. — The special bond between a Sharon High School student with autism and the town’s school resource officer played out over the police radio this week.

Boris was missing for about an hour on Wednesday. When police found him, he immediately spoke about how he loved School Resource Officer Michael Hocking.

Chief John Ford gave Boris the police cruiser radio so he could say hello to Hocking.

“Officer Hocking, I’m safe,” Boris said.

“Boris, I’ll be at the house waiting for you buddy,” Hocking said. “I want to see your smiling face.”

“Officer Hocking, you’re the best,” Boris said.

“You are too pal,” Hocking said.

“The audio moved me to tears, and shows how police love and connect with their community and really make a difference in the lives of others,” Deputy Chief Don Brewer told Boston 25 News. “This story is one of love and mutual respect and also reflects our training at Sharon Police Department, and our connection to families with autism.”

Every member of the Sharon Police force, including dispatchers, is trained in ALEC (Autism and Law Enforcement Education Coalition). The program trains first responders to help foster a deeper understanding of autism among public safety and law enforcement personnel.

Brewer said Hocking has built an amazing relationship with the town’s teachers and students. He also recently created a youth police academy for those with special needs.

Brewer said the police radio call with Hocking was just a small glimpse at the love and respect the community has for Hocking.

“The relationship between this amazing man with the youth in our schools was never more evident,” Brewer said. “Truly, this is us. This is Sharon.”

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