As nor’easter approaches, people along the South Shore batten down the hatches

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — Long-time Scituate resident Joanne Wyckoff knows the drill. She’s been through big storms before.

“I’ll probably put out 20, maybe something like 20,” she said.

She says her house nearly got flooded after a super high tide last month and she’s not taking any chances.

“I surround my house with sandbags so that the water doesn’t completely destroy it. It goes under my house but still,” said Wyckoff.

And experience tells her this is the time of year when big storms hit. “No, it’s always February and March when we get hit… terrible,” she says.

Today the ocean was calm from Cohasset all the way down along the South Shore. But tomorrow is a different story when winds will batter this coastline from the sea wall in North Scituate right down to the Harbor.

Jim Boudreau is Scituate’s Town Administrator.

“Normally high tide is in the 9ft range and then when it gets up over 10-10.5 that’s an Astronomically high tide and then you combine that with the wind pushing all that water in and that just spells trouble,” said Jim Boudreau who is Town Administrator for Scituate.

And that word has homeowners along the coast getting ready for whatever Mother Nature may bring.

“The tides have been crazy, " said April O’Connor who lives near a marsh that typically floods. And an expected big tide which has her on edge.

“A little bit,” she said.

People on the South Shore will do their best to prepare and pray for a good outcome.

“Of course, we always prepare for the worst and if it’s not the worst then we just celebrate,” said Wyckoff.

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