Mystery continues to grow over Chelsea man’s disappearance, unexpected death of his girlfriend

Mystery continues to grow over Chelsea man's disappearance, unexpected death of his girlfriend

CHELSEA, Mass. — It is now two full months since anyone has seen Juan Santiago, the Chelsea man who vanished in San Antonio, Texas.

And questions continue to swirl.

Among the disturbing questions: what happened to his girlfriend, Kristina Mock?

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Kristina traveled to San Antonio with Juan, was with him when he made a disturbing 911 call to police, and she tried to report him missing to police.

But in late July, Kristina Mock, after checking herself into a Melrose-Wakefield Hospital because she was having bad thoughts, unexpectedly died.

“The whole thing has been a whirlwind of unanswered questions.” Lauren Mock, Kristina’s sister in law told me.

Kristina died before she could talk to police about what she knew happened in San Antonio.

Lauren Mock, and her family, is reeling.

“I’ve been wracking my brain about this for the last three weeks. Really since he’s been missing. But really since she’s been gone, even more so. Trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together,” Lauren Mock said.

Juan Santiago vanished on June 19th, shortly after placing a 911 call to San Antonio Police.

Juan and Kristina were staying at a Motel Six, and the call was made only hours after the couple arrived in San Antonio from Boston, and checked into the motel.

The entire 911 call is four minutes long.

This is an edited portion:

Santiago: I’ve got a situation where I live at.

911: Yes sir.

Santiago: If you could track the phone down from where it’s at right now, you’ll know where I’m at.

The situation is you know, I had somebody, you know come here and try to rob me and all kind of things.

Please can you send somebody here?

911: Yes sir. "

Lauren Mock tells me, she spoke to Kristina soon after Juan disappeared.

“When I first got the initial call, it just felt like something was Up,” Mock said. “She said he was having alcohol withdrawals. And had a really high temperature. My opinion he needed a hospital or something,” Mock added.

Juan was never seen again.

And now the Kristina is gone, Juan’s family is concerned that they may never know the truth.

The Mock family is concerned about that too.

But Lauren is sure, Kristina had nothing to do with Juan Santiago’s disappearance.

“People are capable of anything, but personally, the type of person Kristina was, I honestly don’t see that,” Mock told me.

Lauren Mock, and her family, is grieving Kristina’s unexplained death.

But she is also hurting for Juan’s family.

“Everybody just deserves some type of resolution. If we can be of any help to Juan’s family, call us let us know. None of this is fair to any of us. We’re all in this together,” Lauren Mock told me.

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