Mother’s Day cards offer hope at Women’s Lunch Place

BOSTON — As we get ready to celebrate all the moms out there this weekend, one Boston organization is helping a lot of mothers in need and they’re doing it thanks in part to some beautiful artwork.

Darcy De Souza is 84 years old and has a big passion and talent for art.

“Darcy is a phenomenal artist and she’s just a wonderful asset here to Women’s Lunch Place,” said Paula White, chief development officer at Women’s Lunch Place.

De Souza designed this year’s card for the shelter’s annual Mother’s Day Card Program. It’s one of their biggest fundraisers of the year.

De Souza first came to the Women’s Lunch Place after she was in a serious car crash in 2008, which left her unable to work. Her family was in Brazil and she became homeless with no one to help her. De Souza relies on the shelter’s Healthy Meals program for lunch.

The daytime shelter offers food and support services for low-income and homeless women and their children. They help 250 women each day. According to White, 78% of the guests say the Women’s Lunch Place is their sole source of nutrition.

“Women who are living on the streets have a really hard time finding good nutritious food. Many are struggling with medical or other struggles in their life and they can’t focus when they’re hungry,” she said.

Each card purchased provides lunch for one woman for an entire week. The shelter’s goal is to raise 30,000 meals through the program. De Souza’s card is a collage of all the past Mother’s Day cards pulled together to celebrate all the mothers this year.

The cards cost $25 each. There are also e-cards. The Women’s Lunch Place relies solely on donations. If you’re interested in purchasing a card or making a donation, click here.