Mayor Marty Walsh creating ‘inclusion cabinet’ to fight social, racial injustice

BOSTON — Mayor Marty Walsh said Thursday he’s creating an equity inclusion Cabinet charged with helping the city fight racial injustice.

The Cabinet will help dismantle what Walsh described as barriers to equity that many residents of the city face.

The decision to create the leadership team follows protests spurred by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis that have swept across the country, including Boston.

The Cabinet will also work on supporting immigrants, helping the advancement of women and increasing access to health care, the Democrat said during a press conference outside Boston City Hall.

"This change needs to be led by all of us," Walsh said.

Walsh also touted the creation of a new Boston Racial Equity Fund with the goal of helping nonprofit groups focused on racial equity through economic development, public health, jobs for young people, and education.

Also Thursday, Walsh said the city will be creating a new zoning amendment which he said will help protect fair housing in the city.