Man’s Best Nuisance: Couple preparing for getaway wedding had passport eaten by dog

Donato and Magda’s beautiful Italian wedding featuring 100 guests now hangs in the balance and it’s all because of their dog.

“We’re right at the goal line but a little hiccup,” says Donato Frattaroli.

That hiccup? Their 1 ½-year-old golden retriever ate his passport right before the couple was supposed to fly to Italy later this week for their nuptials on August 31st. Needless to say, Donato snapped at the dog.

“This one right on her bed looking pretty cozy with the passport right next to her. Luckily my fiancée kept her wits about her, and she got on the phone right away,” says Frattaroli.

“I knew in that moment that I had to be the calm, cool, and collected one,” says Magda Mazri.

Not only cool, calm, and collected, Magda’s confident too that the show will go on. She was in New York picking up her wedding dress. She says they’re waiting to hear back from the passport agency on Monday for an emergency passport.

“There is no plan b for me. It is plan a. I am just going full steam ahead just hoping to be able to get on that plane on Friday and Donato will get his passport because at the end of the day the most important thing to us is that we get married,” says Mazri.

“Worst case scenario our guests are going to go over there and have a fantastic time. I will be probably back here. I am going to encourage my fiancée to go and enjoy it as well,” says Frattaroli.

For now, the dog doesn’t have to stay in the doghouse for her bad behavior.

“I can’t even blame the dog because she was just upset that we weren’t going to bring her with us,” says Mazri.

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