‘Get a haircut’ - Police report details moments before musician was attacked outside South Station

BOSTON — A Boston Police “incident report” released Monday in the alleged beating of a local musician outside South Station offers some new insight into the attack on Adam Neufell by a group of young men.

Boston 25 News first reported on this case on Saturday.

Neufell, the drummer for the Massachusetts-based rock band “Young Other,” said he was assaulted early Friday morning after a night in the city with his girlfriend. He and his girlfriend were trying to get home after missing a train when the alleged assault happened.

Video shows several young men beating Neufell, before the group races back to the SUV they were traveling in. Boston 25 is blurring the video because no arrests have been made.

“It was just heartbreaking to see him on the ground just completely defenseless,” said Dale Belliveau. “We play all over the country and stuff and Boston’s our home, we like to represent Boston and everything and to come back to this and not feeling safe in our own community, it’s kind of not right.”

Neufell’s band “Young Other,” bills itself as a rock band “with a cutting, modern twist on the ‘Seattle Sound’ backed with explosive drums, bass licks fusing groove and intricacy, and melodic guitar work boasting solos that speak.”

Belliveau says their band had just gotten back home to Boston after performing with ‘Kiss’ and ‘Guns N’ Roses’ in Florida.

Now Neufell is recovering from a concussion and broken nose after the assault.

The redacted incident report from Boston Police shows officers got a call to respond to South Station at 12:09 a.m. Friday.

“...the victim... and his girlfriend were looking at a map located outside of South Station,” according to the report.

“A grey Toyota 4Runner which had about 6-7 white ‘kids’ (suspects) all in the early 20′s yelled at (redacted) to get a haircut,” according to the report.

The police report indicates there was an exchange of words.

“...one of the suspects approached (redacted) first and punched him. (Redacted) then started to back up and all the suspects started to ‘beat’ him.

Another witness told police that the SUV took off down Atlantic Avenue in the direction of Seaport Boulevard.

The report indicates two videos were shared with officers which showed “3 white males ‘punching’ an individual several times while on the ground.”

Neufell was taken to Tufts Medical Center for treatment.

“His concussion’s so bad that he’s got light sensitivity and noise sensitivity as well and being in the rock band it’s kind of – they go hand in hand,” said Belliveau.

Now Belliveau says their band is forced to cancel at least their next three shows this weekend in Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Ohio as Neufell recovers, while Boston police continue to look for these suspects.

“It’s tough, it’s like nobody wants this in our city, it’s just a sad thing to come home to as a rock band when it’s your home, and for everybody who’s out just walking the streets, Boston’s no place for this,” said Belliveau.

On Sunday, the band asked its fans to keep Neufell in their prayers.

“As of right now, Adam and his family are working close with doctors and specialists to determine the extent of his concussion and injuries, and if Adam will be able to perform at next week’s upcoming run of shows. We will keep everyone updated over the next few days with the answers that we received from the healthcare professionals,” said the band in a post to Instagram on Sunday.

Boston Police say the investigation remains active, but there have been no arrests.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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