Father and son rescued at sea share emotional reunion with police officers that saved them

BOSTON — The father and son who were rescued at sea by a Boston Police harbor vessel last week had an emotional reunion with the officers that saved their lives.

Joseph and Tommy Azeredo were dropping lobster traps in Boston Harbor on Wednesday when their boat’s motor got caught in a line.

“I was looking for a knife, I give him a knife, he’s already in the water trying to cut the lines,” said Joseph Azeredo.

Joseph says after their boat’s motor was cut, the pair crashed into some rocks and started sinking, and at the time he couldn’t find his son Tommy.

“When the boat actually turned over, my father was already in the boat, he didn’t know where I was, so I was actually drowning in there because the life vest was actually pushing me up,” said Tommy Azeredo. “So I was in the cabin, so I had to rip it off and luckily I made my way out.”

Tommy says he was able to call 911 before losing everything.

“I was thinking about my family, didn’t think I was going to see them again, I can hear my father screaming for me, it was terrifying man, it was very terrifying,” said Tommy Azeredo.

The father and son floated in the water with the help of a cooler not far from Graves Light before they were rescued by Boston Police officers Stephen Merrick and Garrett Boyle.

“When I see those guys – these guys, they’re very nice, I want to thank you very much, very happy, very happy, very friendly, I never seen better cops than this,” said Joseph Azeredo.

In tears, the Azeredos thanked the officers for saving them after an already devastating year for their family.

“I lost my sister in January from COVID-19, she had cerebral palsy, so it’s been tough for my mother,” said Tommy Azeredo.

Tommy says they’re grateful to be alive after this life-changing experience.

“No more lobster – we’re selling those, we’ll just stick to fishing that’s what we’ll do,” said Tommy Azeredo.

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