Family’s close call with great white shark caught on camera

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. — An Ipswich man and his family had a close encounter with a great white shark along the coast of the North Shore and they caught it all on video.

Michael Lemire was fishing for striped bass using live bait just off the coast of Plum Island Beach. He said they were in 20 feet of water when the shark circled their boat twice.

“My father is a lifelong resident of Ipswich so I think his jaw dropped a little seeing a great white in those waters,” said Lemire.

Lemire was able to capture clear video of the shark underwater. It’s an uncommon sight for North Shore waters, but as an avid fisherman, Lemire said he wasn’t surprised.

“It’s proof for people to realize that they’re not just down the Cape. The juveniles seem to be pushing up the coast a little more to chase the bass and that’s exactly what we were fishing for,” said Lemire.

Plum Island beachgoers were stunned.

“It was a great white? That changes it a little bit!” said Rob Wilson, visiting Newburyport from Connecticut for the week.

Rob and his wife Linda will be hitting the water for a fishing excursion on Thursday and will be keeping a close eye on the waves.

“Oh wow, that’s close! It always brings me back to Jaws,” said Linda Wilson.

Lemire said he confirmed the great white sighting with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. Although the creature appeared to be about 6 feet at first glance, they now believe it may be closer to 8 feet long.

The crew may have left the trip without a catch, but the story was worth it.

“We had a once in a lifetime experience of having a great white shark swim by the boat so it was definitely a day to remember,” said Lemire.